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--- Menu of Services ---

Introductory Workshops
$20 per workshop
Offered intermittently to introduce new students to the joy of playing marimba. Workshops run for 90 minutes.

Marimba Ensemble Classes
$80 to $100 per month
Groups of 5 to 8 individuals learning to play marimba in an ensemble setting. Classes run for 90 minutes and are scheduled to accomodate participants.

Semi-Private Lessons / Party Lessons
Rates Vary
Groups of 4 to 10 friends who want to learn to play together. Minimum: 90 minutes at $150.

Private Lessons
$30 per half-hour
Individual instruction for personal skill-building, reinforcement and/or musical extension of parts and leads.

Extra-Curricular Workshops
Rates vary
Offered periodically to supplement regular classes, workshops rotate in focus from hosho skill-building to mbira-style marimba playing to single-song learning. Other formats are possible dependent upon expressed student interests.

Marimba Jam Sessions
$10 minimum for 2 hours
Drop-in sessions offered to Singing Wood students and the larger Santa Cruz marimba community. Sessions are adaptive and group-cooperative; a great way for students to expand their marimba circles.

Workshops with Shona Marimba Masters
Rates vary
Events scheduled periodically to broaden our Shona marimba experience and to infuse our local community with fresh input and fresh energy from traveling Shona/Zimbabwean musicians.

Practice Marimbas
$1 per day, paid in advance
Practice is important and so we offer loaner marimbas on a rotating basis to students who don't yet own marimbas.